VIAINVEST introduces Business loans

We are thrilled to inform you, that VIAINVEST has expanded its product portfolio by listing business loans on the platform. The first loan of this type is issued by VIAINVEST mother company VIA SMS Group with an aim to fund the development of student hall real estate project in Barcelona. This is a long-term investment opportunity with a chance to earn up to 12% annually (the interest rate is calculated according to two component compensation model with a guaranteed annual interest rate set to 8%). Do not hesitate to visit our business loan profile to find out more about the project itself, investment terms, etc. If any specific questions about business loan arise, we will be happy to assist!

Identification for legal entities

New investors registering on behalf of their company now need to upload documents including information about their company, management and shareholders, before they can access their profile. This isn’t completely new, as we have requested such information before, but the process of providing documents will be much easier now.

We’ve got a new look

If you did read our previous newsletter, then you may remember that we were talking about redesigning our platform, and well – here it is! Our designers have put a great effort into this and honestly, we love our fresh new look. Go check it out now at our homepage, if you haven’t already.

New identification procedure

Along with the new design also comes new, more secure investor identification procedure. To make VIAINVEST safe and convenient, we have partnered with iDenfy, which is an independent identity verification company, and from now on, every new investor must complete the new verification process before accessing his/her investor account. Existing investors are welcome to complete the new identification process via iDenfy by clicking on Verify my identity button in their investor profiles.

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