From a new non-bank lending company LLP Z-FINANCE from Kazakhstan joined the platform adding to the platform its short-term private loans listed in EUR.

Z-FINANCE has been operating in Kazakhstan since July 2018 providing lending in cash money through an offline network of 102 sales branches. The main product is short-term PDL-loans of up to EUR 470. The company is to launch an online lending service in the country by the end of 2018. For the time of its work, Z-FINANCE has issued over 55 thousand loans amounted to EUR 3 million in total.

Both the lending company Z-FINANCE and the platform operate within the financial holding AS Robocash Group represented today in 7 countries of Europe and Asia. The average loan size issued by Z-FINANCE is equivalent to EUR 60. The repayment period is 30 days. Investors can expect net annual returns of up to 12%. All loans are provided with a buyback guarantee from Z-FINANCE.

Take advantage to diversify your portfolio and invest in loans Z-FINANCE and be sure to update the settings of your portfolios.