We are happy to announce the launch of a new product on Robo.cash: long-term commercial loans from Singapore! Now, users of the platform can invest in one more company of Robocash Group in Southeast Asia – Robocash PTE Ltd.


Robocash PTE. Ltd. has been active in Singapore since September 2015. Established within the financial holding Robocash Group, this is a holding company, which supports management and servicing of the operating entities of the group in the SEA region. Its integration with Robo.cash is a strategic step, which will accelerate the development of the group in Asia. We are also proud to be the first P2P platform offering this investment opportunity in Europe!


The P2P platform Robo.cash, RC Riga and Robocash PTE. Ltd. all belong to the financial holding Robocash Group, which is active in Europe and Asia. Operation within the same group allows to provide users of the platform with a 100%-buyback guarantee on all investments.


Take the chance to earn up to 11.3% p.a. with the long-term commercial loans from Singapore! To use the opportunity, be sure to update your portfolio setting the minimum interest rate at 10%.

The Singaporean company will be adding loans to Robo.cash within the partnership of the platform with RC Riga. The latter is a special purpose vehicle designed to provide secured financing to the companies of Robocash Group. The loans will be secured by the guarantee of AS Robocash Group and negative pledge of Robocash PTE. Ltd. assets.


Loans will be issued for a period of up to 12 months and listed on the platform in EUR. Investors of Robo.cash may expect an annual return of up to 10%. However, until December 31, 2019, we offer special conditions for our investors. All loans from Robocash PTE. Ltd. purchased during this period will be available at 11%! Moreover, according to the Loyalty Programme, our first 1,000 investors who joined Robo.cash in 2017 will receive the additional bonus of +0.3% for all loans purchased until January 31, 2020.

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