Flow App is the application that i’m developing for track all my investments and sync the data with this blog.

I will try to automate all the sync process with the platforms, to try to minimise the manual data entry.

I did realise that is impossible to track the investments if you invest in more that one platform, everybody said that diversification is the key, but tracking your money is important also to help you make better decisions.


I’m developing the App with some Beta-Testers on the FileMaker Platform, once the App is finished, I will try to port the project to a Web App to be available to the general public and make it free (I guess).

FileMaker is not free, now I’m using my friends FileMaker for free, the actual version allows to connect 5 users at the same time, FileMaker is changing their License Model every year, so if you want to use Flow App, in the worst scenario, be in mind that if in the future is not possible to port the App to a Web App, you will have to pay about 10-15€/month to FileMaker/Apple for using the platform. I don’t like too much the idea, but I really like to develop in FileMaker because is the platform I know, and is a very rapid platform for develop apps. 

If anytime you decided to stop using Flow, I can export all your data in Excel format.


The Manual

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Flow App will never be Standalone

Flower App will never be a Standalone App, the brokers/platforms are changing everyday and i cannot send you auto-updates every minute. So I have 3 options:

Develop the app in FileMaker (Windows, macOS, iOS) : Limited users and 15€/month for a connection to the server. Now Im using FileMaker because Im familiar with it, and is very fast programing framework.

Web App (Runing on a web browser) developing it using Ruby on Rails (which I have to learn from scratch) and the app will be Free (I guess)

Or a Mix of both, using FileMaker as a “Premium” version of Flow and the Web App with less modules and free.

I am not a Magician

Flower App will not do magic, because the platforms will not allow me to get access to their data. You will have to import/add manually lots of data, depending of which platforms you use.

Why make public the App?

Because there is a lot of money on referrals.

Because people demands Apps like this.

Because I am gonna develop the app for myself anyway to tack my investments.

Why should you use Flow App?

You will know your networth

You will save time (and Fines?) doing Taxes reports

You will see real XIRR data by Brokers/Originators and make more good decisions

You will have access to the real data of other users investments

You will have news from your platforms and new investment oportunities inside the platform

and millions of things that I dont remember rigth know or even I think about them yet… 

(on progress)

Sharing is Caring

One thing that I want to do is sharing (Anonymous) to the other users the data from your investments, how much % you invest, what platform, list of your loans, how many defaults, etc. I think sharing this data will reduce the try-and-error process and with the aggregated data we will be able to find better estrategies.

Sharing the “Due Diligence” job of every project will reduce the decision time to invest.

Multi what??

The App will be in English and probably I will never translate it to another languages. Time to learn.

Multi currency of course…

And One More Thing...

(on process)

Stay Tuned!