Total spending on port Flow App into a Web App to make it accesible to everyone

Updated: 11-05-2021




Flow App

What is Flow?

Flow is a web application that I am trying to create based on my own desktop app that I use to track and manage my investments on peer-to-peer platforms.

We will focus now on show the portfolio of the different crowdlending platforms, later we plan to integrate other kind of assets, crypto, as well pensions, property management, and other stuff related to DIY Investments.

Flow will help the average investor to deal with the day by day money stuff and will help people to reach the Financial Independence.

Is Flow secure?

Yes is what you want to hear, but I cannot think of any piece of software that is invulnerable. But I use well tested technologies in order to develop the app and we are putting all the efforts to make the app secure.

We skipped the option to connect Flow to the platforms (for now) using your credentials, so our servers don’t have any login details from the user.

The user will need to install a Chrome Extension in order to download the data from the platforms and later on import it into Flow.

The Chrome Extension (FlowExt) is available on GitHub and you can see the code.

The Development

The Development process was kind of messy, it was the first time I dig into the web develop world, (and never again), I was hiring a bunch of random junior freelancers in order to develop the tasks but not too much success… I am working full-time and I have no time to do it myself (also not enough brain to learn so many stacks), the idea is to make the code public so anyone can contribute to the project, if you want to play with some of this stacks: ReactJS, TypeScript, MaterialUI on the Frontend and Ruby on the Backend let me know!