BOLDYIELD is a Peer-to-Business crowdlending marketplace that gives businesses access to finance quickly and professionally and investors – a possibility to earn annually up to 18% by investing in asset-based projects.  

One of the main USP of the platform is its projects, which are all asset-based as well as the opportunity to invest in the Maritime industry- the lifeblood of the global
economy. The latest information is that the first Maritime project will be
presented on the platform very soon.  

Marketplace present investment and financing options in 3 reliable industries such as Maritime Transportation, Real Estate and Business Financing within one place.

The team has 15+ years of experience in business lending and banking, as well as p2p sectors. It carries out the whole lending and investing A-Z process, to ensure
lenders with a safe & friendly online environment providing attractive and
reliable returns to investors. The remarkable lending experience from many
spheres and project management skills presents more safety to both parties and
ensures the level of clarity from the very beginning.

  • To take new challenges, You have to be brave
  • To help someone stuck into trouble, You have to be fearless
  • To achieve the set goal, You  have to be confident
  • To make the right decisions, Your mind has to be bright
  • To focus and hold the right course, Your borders have to be thick
Taken all together this represents BOLDYIELD teams’ strongest positions throughout private and business life. In one word this is called – BOLD, all
together- BOLDYIELD.

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