Hi There!

I’m Martin Romero, just a random guy from Internet trying to DIY Investments, I have no idea about finance, so… do whatever you want with your coins! I don’t give a 🦄 about your money. (Not even to mine…)

Anyway… I hope you find something useful on this blog, at least you can discover some new p2p platform, everyday I add some! 

Now I am busy trying to fill all the info about the platforms, later I will resume Flow Pro App develop and I hope I can sync the platforms and at last know how much/little money I have.

Enjoy, don’t loose too much money, and if you do, smile! Is just money…

Be Water My Friend…

How Flow was Born?


One sunny day, tired of the Thai-Drama, I did jump in a plane back to Spain-stan, after spend months trying to develop an online shop about electronics I did realise that it was not viable, so I decided to find a job in my city cleaning toilets, after spends weeks looking for any job, I asked for a loan in Dineo (Not approved), Wonga €300 15 Days 0% and Vivus €600 30 Days , Costs +€180 (???%), and I took a plane to UK (Oxford), I went to a couple of job interviews, and I started working cleaning dishes in a pub. (My first real job!).


After a couple of months I was thinking what to do with my salary, and I decided to start to investigate how to invest money, I was in UK one of the most economic-related country in the world… So, after a few google sessions, I discovered the British P2P platforms, and then… the “Letonians” this is how the Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian, p2p platforms are called by the Spanish Investors.


I started investing 70% of my salary on the platforms, Envestio, Grupeer, etc.. I started the Flow App develop and all the Flow Website Project… After a year and 4 months, I quit my job, RyanAir back to Spain, I bought a Steelcase, a PS4, iMac and a OLED TV and since then, I spend my days Working in the Flow Project.


I miss cleaning dishes, but I hope I can survive from the earnings from Flow, so I can make Flow better and better overtime and maybe make a stand alone App!
(So, you better start to using my ref links if you want to open an account in some platform!!)